23. jul. 2009

Waiting for vacation time!!!!

Whilst I am waiting for it is time to go on vacation and in lack of something better to do in the rainy weather we have had for some weeks now I thought I could share some pictures with you.

First my three little fury babies:

Svartpusa: My oldest baby - she will be 8 years old October 4th 2009.

Chilli: The only boy - he turned 2 years old around June 20th 2009.

Kira: The youngest baby - she will be 1 year old July 25th 2009.

And I have also taken some pictures of my cleaned craftroom/guestroom/office. Before I cleaned up this room at least enough to get a space for me to sit when I am doing my cards etc I used my hole living room and I do not think my friends thought it was so much fun sitting down in my papers, embellishments etc.

So here is my new craft corner:

Not the best space, but I can do my things here :D

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