16. jul. 2012

Birthdaycard for my dad!!

We celebrated my dad`s birthday this Saturday with a typical norwegian dinner named "fårikål" (this is meat from lamb and cabbage boiled in water with salt and whole black pepper), this is really good :-)
And since the weather here in Norway is quite bad these days my mom spent the whole last week making a lot of different cakes :-) So we had a good time with a lot of good things to eat :-)

Anyway.......since it was my dad`s birthday, I had to make him a card. He has a greenhouse which we got him for his 60th birthday and he really enjoy fooling around trying new things to grow in there. My inspiration for his card came from that :-)

So here is what I came up with (I had to make it simple due to not much time to make the card.......not as much time as I would`ve wanted anyway :-)

Thank you for visiting :-)


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