2. aug. 2010

Gift Box

I had a box which had chocolate inside (empty now - lol). The size of the box is so suitable to use when giving away a little something so I thought I might use it to make a gift box.

I bought some new patterned papers at Gillers Hus that is just adorable. I love them!!! The inside of the box is also "dressed" with patterned paper.
When making this box, I was amased by how elegant and luxurious the box was looking.

I embellished with flowers from Kort og Godt and used a simple sentiment stamp (from somewhere - I think it is Kreativ Hobby) - "It is your day to day - Congratulations" , just so it would not be too much. I also used a piece of brown ribbon around the lid of the box.

Check out how it turned out. I think it turned out great.

I took a picture without blitz as well....just so you can see that the paper is gold patterned. It is kind of hard to see on the other pictures :D

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